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Children’s Stories Converted Into Art

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13 November 2013

Children’s Charity, Dramatic Need has galvanized leading lights from the contemporary art world, to create original pieces which will be exhibited and auctioned on 27th November.

The original works are inspired by the real life experiences of children in Rwanda and South Africa, grappling with the aftermath of war, violence and poverty.

The works will be previewed by auction partner, Paddle 8 and include original work from artists including Antony Gormley, Anish Kapoor, Jake and Dinos Chapman and Turner Prize winner Rachel Whiteread.

Each artist has been moved and inspired by the personal stories of children to create unique sculptures, drawings, photographs and paintings. The artworks will be auctioned at the esteemed Victoria Miro Gallery on Wednesday 27th November. Guests at the exhibition will view the artwork whilst listening to recordings of the children’s stories.

In total eleven celebrated artists, who also include Whitney McVeigh, Tom Gallant and Stuart Semple, were given audio recordings and transcripts of a number children telling their personal stories and have used these as an inspiration for the various modern artworks and canvases. As well as the live auction on Wednesday 27th November, Paddle 8, the online auction house, will be hosting an online auction featuring the ARTiculate works. Artwork will be on display on Paddle 8 from 13th November.

The ARTiculate project is one in a series of children’s charity, Dramatic Need’s initiatives to provide applied arts education to children in rural South Africa and Rwanda, giving these children the chance to change their lives through dance, drama, art, music, film and photography. Through the arts, the charity helps children to deal with trauma and conflict while also helping them to confront community-held ‘taboo’ subjects such as HIV awareness, ethnic violence and gender inequality.

The children involved in the project were invited to talk about their experiences and challenges of daily life in their home country. Their personal accounts were recorded in English as well as their native Sesotho, Tswana, Xhosa or Kinyarwanda, which were then translated into English.

Amber Sainsbury, founder of Dramatic Need, said: “We are incredibly honoured to have had some of the world’s most exciting living artists devote the time and creative energy to producing such powerful work for this event – work that is not only impressive in its own right, but also serves to take these children’s stories and turn the volume up – so that we can’t help but listen. And of course this is the unique power of art – to bring us closer to understanding issues that defy words, but which urgently need our collective action.”

The London auction will be echoed in New York simultaneously with artists including Milton Glaser, Dan Park and Andrea d’Aquino.

Funds raised from the ARTiculate auction will go to support a new children’s arts centre in rural South Africa.

ARTiculate London will take place at the Victoria Miro Gallery on Wharf Road, London on Wednesday 27th November 2013 from 6.30-9.30pm.

Online bidding begins on November 13th at www.paddle8.com/auctions/articulate


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