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Major international street artist announced for the Festival of Thrift

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5 September 2014

CITY roads marred by piles of trash are a common sight but Francisco de Pajaro, a street artist from Barcelona subverts this situation by searching for, and then transforming, piles of litter in to thought-provoking and humorous works of art.

Francisco’s appearance at the national Festival of Thrift will see bin bags, dust bins, cardboard boxes, broken furniture and much more transformed into artistic equipment by Francisco who, by adding arms and faces, creates fun pieces of art in the form of monsters, humans and animals.

Festival Director Stella Hall said: “The arrival of Francisco in Darlington in the run up to the festival is one that has us all very excited.

“There is no doubt that his art work is very fun and appealing to all ages, and I am sure that he will be a big attraction throughout the week and on the weekend of the festival.

“However, his message is also a serious one as his tag Art is Trash indicates – he asks us to think about waste and our intense consumerism and also to look again at what we discard and see beauty in it.”

Usually, it’s tricky to catch a glimpse of Francisco’s work as his installations are very short lived, destined to be destroyed come sunrise when the bin lorries clear the street. His recent residency in New York saw his street based artworks rapidly disappear only to reappear for sale on Ebay for thousands of dollars.

However, at the Festival of Thrift you can be sure to see some of his inspirational art work all weekend – as well as more sightings around the streets of Darlington prior to the festival weekend.
Francisco said: “My objective is to create a smile on people’s faces. I rarely stay to watch the reactions of the public, but in general I think my art brings enjoyment to most which in turn brings me great pleasure.

“Many, many, more people get to see my work than if it was displayed in an exclusive gallery. I don’t think it makes any sense to paint pictures that nobody would see or buy, I would always rather make art for people to enjoy and embrace.”

This is a rare chance for the people of the North East and further afield to witness the unpredictable, entertaining and unique work of a stimulating new artist.

The Festival of Thrift is a free family festival, taking place on September 27 and 28 at Lingfield Point in Darlington.

For more information on the festival including workshops, talks and demonstrations, go to www.festivalofthrift.co.uk and sign up to receive regular updates.


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