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Ralph Steadman Launches New Exhibition and Film in London

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28 May 2014

JOHNNY DEPP will front ‘For No Good Reason’, an extraordinary documentary exploring the life and art of his hero, the artist Ralph Steadman, who is best known for his work with the Gonzo author, Hunter S. Thompson.

Born in 1936, Ralph Steadman began his career as a cartoonist and through the years diversified into many fields of creativity.Artist, writer, sculptor, cartoonist and designer, he has illustrated such classics as Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island and Animal Farm and his books include the studies of Sigmund Freud and Leonardo da Vinci.

But it’s his collaboration with Thompson that exposed Steadman to a wider audience, illustrating ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and various articles in Rolling Stone. “We were like chalk and cheese,” he tells Depp — even if also “the one man I needed to meet in all of America to work with.” It was a match made in magazine heaven: demonic prose illustrated by even more demonic artwork.

Depp will guide viewers through the wild, drug-addled period of Steadman’s time with Thompson, the famous Rumble in the Jungle and his gun fights with Beat Generation giant William S Burroughs

Charlie Paul will be directing the project, after spending 15 years gathering the footage and creating impressive animations in the anarchic spirit of Steadman’s illustrations with contributions from Terry Gilliam and Richard E. Grant, plus music from Slash, All American Rejects, Jason Mraz, James Blake, Ed Harcourt and Crystal Castles..

‘For No Good Reason’ takes its title from Thompson’s standard response when asked why he intended to do something.

To coincide with the release of the documentary, a retrospective exhibition of Ralph Steadman’s art will open at the White Space Gallery on Friday 30th May featuring a variety of work from across Steadman’s career.

For more information go to http://billetto.co.uk/for-no-good-reason


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