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TripSpace Brings Arches To Life

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8 October 2013

BOASTING industrial-rustic brick work, recycled timber features, a well equipped studio-theatre and professional kitchen, TripSpace locates itself as a venue for new formats of performance encouraging work from both young artists and established practitioners.

TripSpace Projects will nurture an artistic space for experimentation, contemporary movement, devised theatre and body awareness practices offering not only a comprehensive programme of performances, events, workshops and daily classes and courses but also an array of delectable dishes from award-winning chef Selin Kiazim — former head chef at Kopapa Restaurant.

Through its food, events and learning calendar it aims to become a hub for performers, movement addicts, curious punters, food conoisseurs and socialites.

The desire of Trip The Light Fantastic Toe’s founders to find a base for their curation projects and their creative artistic practice brought dancers and curators Giuliana Majo and Montse Ventura, to join forces with Peter Fiala to create TripSpace Projects.

For more information go to www.tripspace.co.uk


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