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Carminho plays Ronnie Scott’s

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19 August 2014

SHE is Portugal’s brightest new star, considered to be one of the most talented and innovative fado singers of her generation – live, her voice glistens with potent tenderness as it soars over quintessential Portuguese and acoustic Spanish guitars. Carminho, born Carmo Rebelo de Andrade in Lisbon, cites influences that not only include fado legends Lucília do Carmo, Fernando Maurício, and Amália Rodrigues, but also pop/rock legends such Queen and the Beatles.

From an early age, she had listened to her parents’ records – her mother was fado singer Teresa Siqueira – and witnessed the gathering of fado singers in her house. Then, as a teenager, she began to sing in the Taverna do Embuçado – essential grounding for her first solo recording in 2009, Fado, which became a smash hit and the follow up in 2012, Alma.

Carminho combines traditional fado songs, resurrected from dusty old tavernas, with her own compositions and new arrangements of works by such Brazilian greats as Fernanda Maria and Vinicius de Moraes. With her tender, emotive voice soaring over feisty acoustic Spanish guitars, critics have hailed her interpretation of fado, as though “each word has the weight of a lifetime attached to it, each verse pulled straight from the gut”. A show not to be missed.

Carminho plays Ronnie Scott’s September 8th and 9th. For information and tickets go to www.ronniescotts.co.uk


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