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STYLE WATCH: Fedora Style Hats – Hot Or Not?

[ 31 May 2012 | Print This Post ]
31 May 2012

Are They A Celebrity Fixation?

It has long been thought that fedora hats should be left alone for celebrities to wear. They have been billed as everything from plainly uncool, desperate looking and just downright tragic. To twist that up just a little more, fedoras have been labelled as something a person who does not understand men’s fashion would wear, to give an impression that they understood men’s fashion. Confused much? Certainly the general public is, which is why fedora hats remain such a polarising fashion piece.

The Case For The Prosecution

Fedora hats can be seen as the sign of a pretentious and overbearing individual. This is particularly true of those who see a fedora hat as giving them the right to speak whenever they want and, whatever anyone else’s opinion, they will always be correct. Those who wear a fedora in this manner do so to be threatening and intimidating, although not necessarily in the way a gangster would be when wearing his stereotypical fedora in old movies. Does men’s fashion deserve to be graced with such an item, or should they be confined to the past, where many feel they belong, never to be seen again?

Defending The Fedora

Many would argue that as fedora hats, indeed within both women’s and men’s fashion, are part of a celebrity trend that they are indeed a hot item. Counteracting that it should just be celebrities who wear them, they would argue that many trends start this way, so why should a hat be any different?

The fedora also has a certain charm to it, given that it can be worn by anyone in almost any situation, although there should obviously be clear ideas as to how it is worn.

Making A Fedora Hot

Men’s fashion provides ample opportunity to build a killer outfit and ensure that your fedora is the ideal accessory. Especially as vintage fashion is becoming more popular, wearing a fedora with vintage jeans, an old t-shirt and a blazer will give you a truly authentic look. The hat will be hot if you wear it around these style ideas, wearing it with a football shirt will turn it into a definite not.

The fedora will continue to split opinion, however worn well with other items to build an overall look it is definitely an effective fashion piece. Make sure you shop men’s fashion fully this year to ensure your fedora lands on the right side of cool.

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