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How to rock a pair of leggings

[ 28 July 2014 | Print This Post ]
28 July 2014

Leggings have been around for some time in fact from the 1970s and 80s. During those times, they were being worn by athletes and dancers. In the course of time however they fell out of fashion with most people. In the mid 2000s they resurfaced with a force more powerful than that they used to have. Fashion stylists have predicted that this time round, they may stay a little bit longer.

Black&White Geometric Patterns Korean Fall Collection Leggings

In today’s fashion world, most fashion-conscious ladies have incorporated leggings into their everyday outfits.  Unlike in the past, they now come in different patterns, colors and prints in a bid to accommodate the varying tastes and fashion preferences. Despite their widespread dominance into today’s fashion circles, there are still bits and pieces that are worth highlighting.


By their very nature, leggings are made to fit the body tightly. This is the reason why they are made of elastic materials so that they can stretch to accommodate the body shape. This means that depending on your self-consciousness, you may either prefer them or not. In the event that you don’t want any clothing that hugs your figure especially from the hips downwards, then skinny pants may be the best alternative for you.

Leggings Differ from Tights

Most women in general and ladies in particular have been mistaking tights for leggings. Their proximity in appearance and functionality doesn’t mean that they are similar. Tights which are also known as pantyhose are designed differently with a waistband that is normally banded giving a clear distinction between them and leggings.

Blend with a Top That Goes Past Your Bum

Whether you are tall or petite, the best top to team up with leggings is the one that stretches past your bum. To ensure that the top is a perfect match, you can stretch and touch your toes to see if it aptly covers your bum.

In addition, the top should match the color and the design of the leggings so that you can achieve a complete elegant and splendid look. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your unique sense of fashion. Patterned leggings usually blend well with plain tops. Explore the available patterns such as geometrics, floral and animal prints which either match seasons or occasions. Be adventurous but don’t overdo it. Tees and sweaters can make good tops for leggings.

Shorts with Leggings

Light-colored shorts or bleached denim go well with darker leggings. This however doesn’t mean that you have to stick to black but you choose various shades that have a connotation of dark colors. This will widen your fashion space.  These shorts also blend well with lace-patterned leggings. Stylish and elegant floral patterned shorts complement sheer leggings. This will create beautiful contrast. On the other hand, if your leggings are multicolored, a short that matches one hue from the palette will be a great choice.

Shoes to Match the Leggings

Black Cute Asian Fashion Leggings with Small Freels on the Knees

Footwear can either build or disorganize the whole fashion set up. The choice of shoes therefore needs to be premeditated. Even though leggings go well with almost every pair of shoes, depending on the season you are in, there can be a variation. For instance, during fall you can opt for ballet flats, suede ankle boots and lace-up boots.

Leggings therefore can play the fashion role you assign them as long as you blend them with the right outfits and accessories.

Rose is a fashion blogger and article writer who writes for a number of blogs in the fashion industry. She also plays an editorial role in many fashion publications.


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