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Maverick Brewers Launch World’s First Spirit Made From Beer

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14 June 2013

BrewDog, Scotland’s largest independent brewery has lifted the curtain on its most eccentric and absurd project to date – a ground-breaking new style of spirit given the name WattDickie.

The offspring of a radical brewing and ice-distillation process, held secret until its patent is approved, the new 35% ABV spirit, created using an IPA style beer, has been given its first public outing today at BrewDog’s speakeasy Underdog. The initial batch of WattDickie will be available in the 12 BrewDog bars and at the brewery’s online store BrewDog.com/shop later this month.

James Watt, co-creator of WattDickie explains: “WattDickie is beyond innovation. This is alchemy and apothecary. There was no hypothesis here, no ‘grand plan’, just an innate need to see what was possible. We went to the limits of brewing and took a match to them. WattDickie shakes maniacally at the foundations of what’s expected of us and of everything around us. This is science fiction. It’s the dawn of a new era. Welcome to a strange new world.”

Following the success of high ABV beers from BrewDog, including Tactical Nuclear Penguin, Sink the Bismarck! and the 55% ABV The End of History – served from bottles made of dead squirrels – co-founder at BrewDog, Martin Dickie began plotting the creation of a new type of spirit created from beer. Following years of development, the invention of bespoke distillation equipment and the gradual creation of the perfect style and formula, WattDickie is the first product from the brewery that the founders do not regard as ‘beer’.

Martin Dickie, alchemist-in-chief of WattDickie commented: “What we have here is not beer, but its alter-ego. This is Mr Hyde. This is the shiver down the spine of the grease-slick ad-man relying on people lapping up the ‘same-old, same-old’ from their sticky bottles of snake oil. This is a drink brewed by the misfits, for the misfits. It’s a beautiful, absurd experiment.”

WattDickie will initially be sold in 6cl bottles with an rrp of £2.99, with plans afoot to offer a 70cl alternative later in the year.


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