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Glasto gets rocked by attitude

[ 24 June 2011 | Print This Post ]
24 June 2011

Glasto is finally here and despite all the hype on the headliners, pop-politics or mud wrestling, there is a little stage that almost didn’t make it but is now giving some disabled artists an opportunity to play the UK’s most coveted festival.

Organised by Attitude is Everything, a charity dedicated to improving deaf and disabled people’s access to live music, Glastonbury 2011 will see a takeover of Shangri LA’s top venue club DADA with beauteous acoustic bands, street folk poetics and punk rock legends inter-spiced with beats, bleeps and signed rap!

Other acts include rockumentary stars and punk exponents Heavy Load, lyrical indie newcomers Captain Angelo and special guests, Newcastle veterans The Band of Holy Joy, with lyrics will interpreted by Deaf Zone.

A raft of DJs will also join the line-up with eclectic powerhouse DJ Void leading the way, followed by Manchester D&B and breakbeat specialist Stella OBE and accompanied by the fun loving Deaf Rave DJs.

Chris Tofu from organizers, Continental Drifts said: “As always, Global Local and the Shangri La’s field is more than happy to host Attitude’s jumping showcase of cutting edge music.”

Check it out on Saturday 25th June from 2pm – 7pm at Glastonbury’s Club DADA, Shangri La Zone.


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