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Get into the comfort zone

[ 3 December 2012 | Print This Post ]
3 December 2012

Acoustic-pop songstress Laura Comfort’s new release ‘Because of You’ is a beautiful, emotive love song with personal lyrics and poignant vocals.

It is the first single from her highly anticipated new album ‘Don’t Ignore Me’. Comfort’s blend of acoustic-pop with folk and rock elements is showcased brilliantly in this collection. Reminiscent of artists Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift, Comfort’s unique voice have allowed her to craft her own base.

Building upon her earlier work ‘The Comfort Zone’, is an eclectic mix of catchy acoustic pop songs. Taking inspiration from her emotionally turbulent year, Laura has created some truly heartfelt pieces. Notable tracks such as ‘It Hurts’, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Because Of You’, really emphasise her sensitive and insightful side.

Elsewhere on the album, the songs ‘Angelina Jolie’, ‘I’m Going Crazy’ and ‘I’m No Barbie’, display Comfort’s unashamedly fun, pop side. Her catchy hooks and beautiful melodies are sure to stick in your mind. ‘Don’t Ignore Me’ demonstrates her signature sound and songwriting proving she is a real talent and rising star.

‘Because of You’ is released on February 12th 2013. Check out the new video right here…


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