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Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows

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27 August 2014

PUBLISHED to coincide with Leonard Cohen’s eightieth birthday, ‘Everybody Knows’ is the perfect tribute to his enduring talent. With an insider’s knowledge, author Harvey Kubernik analyses Cohen’s outstanding achievements as a musician, songwriter, novelist and poet in this unique coffee-table book.

Beginning with Cohen the young poet and author in his home town of Montreal, and concluding with his acclaimed international tour of 2013, ‘Everybody Knows’ honours Leonard Cohen on his eightieth birthday. The book traces his rise to stardom through 200 rare photographs and memorabilia, the thoughts and comments of those who have both worked with and been inspired by him, along with poignant quotes from Cohen himself.

Leonard Cohen’s songs and poetry are defined by their emotional and intellectual intelligence. Lyrically potent, his records are full of romance, innuendo and humour, and in performance his smoke-black voice navigate the most sophisticated and arresting of melodies.

His work has inspired many other performers from Johnny Cash to Nick Cave, Judy Collins to Adele. There have been over 500 covers versions of the sublime ‘Hallelujah’, which took Cohen ten years to perfect.

Over the decades he has battled with drugs, love and bankruptcy; become a Buddhist monk while simultaneously reaffirming his Jewish faith; and recorded eleven more albums of unfailingly affecting beauty. This is the ultimate celebration of the great man.


Harvey Kubernik is a writer, editor and journalist whose work has appeared internationally in, amongst others, Melody Maker, the Los Angeles Free Press, Crawdaddy!, Musician, Goldmine, MIX, the Los Angeles Times, Record Collector News and MOJO. The author of several books, his latest, Canyon of Dreams: The Magic and the Music of Laurel Canyon, was described by one reviewer as ‘one of the best books on rock ever written’. A former A&R man for MCA records, in the past 40 years he has appeared in and produced countless music documentaries, written extensively on Leonard Cohen and interviewed him several times.


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